Food and wine with the Locals

The tour combines short walks in the town of Kalambaka with transportation via a mini-bus to visit various delicatessens, groceries, restaurants, dairies, sweet and pie shops as well as a nearby winery to taste the most traditional local flavors of Meteora. Taste homemade traditional spinach pie, bougatsa, herbs and spices, yogurt with honey and nuts, locally produced sausages and cheeses. Visit a nearby local family estate winery to learn about the local grape varietals and to taste 5 local labels. The tour also includes a visit to the local museum of Natural History and Mushrooms to taste dishes made out of indigenous varieties of mushrooms. Mediterranean diet incorporates not only the basics of healthy eating but also an intriguing blend of tastes, flavors, and cultures that combines dishes of ancient Greece, Italy, the Balkans and the Near East. The traditional Greek cuisine is one of the best representatives of the Mediterranean diet. It relies heavily on the use of nuts, olive oil, legumes, succulent herbs, fresh vegetables and a variety of different cheeses and wines. Join this tour and enjoy a stimulating tasting experience of Meteora.

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